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Lynk & Co want to re-define the concept of ownership of the car

Lynk&Co SUV 01

In them next years are going to live a revolution with regard to the driving and the form of understand it. Autonomous cars will be responsible for making us forget how was the world of the motor up to our days and enter fully into a new world. The main manufacturers of cars are working so that is reality in question of little time and fruit of this work born marks new as Lynk & Co that will bring an air new to this scene.

For those who do not remember it (or do not know) Lynk & Co is the firm that will launch to market makers Geely and Volvo. These three manufacturers belong to the same industrial group, led by Geely (acquired Volvo some years ago Ford). This new brand combines the know-how of Volvo in terms of quality of manufacturing, technology, and security and the huge economic potential and sales that can provide you with Geely in China.

Lynk&Co SUV 01

As I already reported, the first model to be launched to the market is the SUV 01 and we spoil you with a set of technological elements that for if they wanted many models that are sold in Europe or the US. However the element that will make this model different from the rest of its rivals is the innovative way that you want to sell it. The brand wants to distribute their models through direct sale, i.e., that the customer who wants to purchase a car of this brand will not need to go to a dealer to buy it.

According to Alain Visser, Chief of sales and marketing of Lynk & Co, the form in that will lead to out this process is sustain in them new technologies (Internet) and in the contact direct between the brand and the customer. Thanks to this system of sale, the profit margins will be larger because there there are no intermediaries not to divide it. In addition, thanks to the total control of the retail channel brand image will be better cared for while the customer loyalty will be higher.

The idea that the record is necessitating the first deliveries in the third quarter of 2017 in China and mid- 2018 in Europe and the United States. We will see to see if this model of sale not the same happens in more than one country that to Tesla Motors, since the distribution of certain types of products is heavily regulated and there they might have an obstacle that save.

Source – Lynk & Co

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