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Mazda repeats for the fourth year as the more efficient U.S. brand

Mazda 6 2017

Be a company respectful with the environment not should be an obligation imposed, but something in what be believes and is fight by this from within the company. One of the brands of cars having better performance with the environment and the fight against climate change is the Japanese Mazda. Proof of this is that has achieved develop a new family of mechanical diesel and gasoline much more respectful with the environment that them of their rivals.

And as all effort deserves the penalty, the Agency for the protection environmental (EPA) has designated to Mazda in United States, a time more, as brand of automotive more efficient. By fourth year consecutive, the report of the EPA located to Mazda Motor Corporation in it cima of the efficiency of consumption of fuel, by front of brands as Honda, Nissan or Hyundai. And all this, without counting in its commercial range with hybrid or electric vehicles in that market.

Mazda Research Europe

The EPA report (available on the link attached at the bottom) measured two variables. First, compare the total emissions of CO2 by automotive brands, making the average of all its vehicles, and reaching a figure, in the case of Mazda, 300 g / mi, 8 grams less than the second in the ranking, and two grams less than last year.

The second variable indicating the report is fuel efficiency, i.e. the maximum autonomy with the lowest possible consumption, where Mazda achieved a turnover of 29.6 MPG (7.95 l / 100 km), 2.4% more efficient than the next competitor. These achievements respond to the Mazda commitment to energysaving technology SKYACTIV, which based its strategy on the development of a lightweight architecture applied to each of the key elements of the vehicle: motors, gearboxes, change, bodywork and chassis.

Association SKYACTIV engines gasoline and diesel with the new manual and automatic transmissions more compact as well as bodywork and chassis more light and insurance, have allowed to mark Hiroshima launched a successful range of models characterized all them for high dynamic performance combined with a low level of consumption and emissions.

Hopefully many more marks of cars do the work that makes Mazda. Congratulations

Source-Mazda- EPA’s Light Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Fuel Economy Trends Report on MY 2015.

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