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Mazda, Toyota and Isuzu join forces for their next pick ups

Mazda BT-50

The Japanese car manufacturer Mazda is the best example that can survive in the single best car than badly accompanied industry. Play these cards makes you very small and vulnerable and any problem can kill you. Therefore, the signing of Hiroshima establishes agreements with other manufacturers and thus can take forward its range of models.

Mazda is present in many markets across the globe, but its range of models is shorter than that of other rivals. An example are commercial, industrial vehicles and pick ups. If we review your portfolio, we can see that in United States or Europe has this type of vehicle. The only exponent would be pick up BT-50, made with his former partner Ford Motor Company, however over time has been old and it will be replaced.

Mazda BT-50

In a first moment not went to allocate resources economic to give continuity to this type of vehicles, but its importance in certain markets is much and not could neglect to their customers. According to Kiyoshi Fujiwara, Chief of the I+D+i de Mazda Motor Corporation for the manufacture of the next generation of the BT-50 will have the direct help of Isuzu (and the hint of Toyota Motor).

Reviewing history Mazda has a long history in regard to partnerships with Isuzu. Thanks to these the Japanese firm has been able to market its industrial and commercial vehicles in Japan and good part of the Eastern markets and oceania. Also, as Isuzu has ties with Toyota, the three signatures will work together to carry to out the development of a model for each an of them marks.

To level structural the next generation of the Mazda BT-50 will use a platform of origin Isuzu, and will be them also who is responsible of its production. Mazda and Toyota will work in other areas as engines, terminations and equipment for their pick ups are to the height of what its customers seek in them.

Source – Mazda Motor Corporation

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