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Mazda will give a return of nut more to their engines SkyActiv

Mazda Skyactiv

When Mazda introduced its new generation of mechanical diesel and gasoline SkyActiv everyone was a little stop. Instead of following the path taken by the vast majority of brands in the market with the downsizing, she decided to throw down the Middle Street. What he did was keep displacements “relatively” high and betting by other techniques such as improve the compression ratio or lower internal friction of their engines.

This series of improvements made to their mechanical achieved data of consumptions and emissions equal to the one of its main rivals without having to invest in expensive technologies. He case more common is the of their mechanical diesel, as manage to meet the demanding normative Euro 6 without need of use the system catalytic of reduction (SCR) that already mounted almost all them brands in the market.

Prueba Mazda 3 Skyactiv G 120 CV Style motor consumo

Now that seems that the downsizing not is the best road to reduce the emissions and consumption, the brand will continue to betting by its mechanical SkyActiv. According to the signature, the next evolution of these mechanical could arrive to the market under the capo of the new generation of the Mazda 3. All this would be programmed in the face the next year 2018 and could do that the compact Japanese remained one of the best efficiency of your category.

However for this new iteration of its mechanical SkyActiv they would arrive with news as on homogeneous charge by compression (HCCI) which would permit that he allows that the mixture of fuel and air is conducted outside of the combustion chamber, as in indirect injection gasoline engines. In this case the mixture does not ignite by a spark caused by a spark plug, but that is carried out by the auto-ignition compression of the mixture as in diesel engines.

Applying this system what would do would be improve the performance of the engine when is circulating to low revolutions and with a level of demand of power medium low since his performance in these circumstances is much greater. Also, would allow that its emissions of NOx and particles of soot are under that those of a diesel.

In the paper seem to all benefits, we will be attentive to announcements of the brand for its evolution.

Source – Mazda

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