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McLaren 570S Sprint, shown in the teaser for circuit sports

McLaren 570S Sprint teaser

We all know that McLaren often release some versions of competition of their sports. Thus were born the McLaren GT3 650S or McLaren 570S GT4, which comply with FIA regulations of its respective category. However, for those who don’t want to compete and just want to make batches in circuit, soon it will launch the McLaren 570S Sprint. This sport which is not approved for Street will make his debut at the Festival of speed of Goodwood.

By the time the brand only Woking has released a couple of teasers that bring forward us their shapes and appearance. What little we can see makes us think that the new model only for circuit will come with a fairly developed aerodynamic kit , 570 S GT4 style. We can be sure that it will be somewhat lighter than the serial and it will have elements like the safety cage. The decoration will be enough racing, McLaren 650S Sprint style.


Brand said that the McLaren 570S Sprint “levels of power and torque have been optimized” to ensure the highest levels of commitment with the pilot. This could take it as the V8 biturbo 3.8 liter will be improved and therefore could overcome the barrier of the 570 HP series delivery. This would be perfectly feasible, as this model does not hosts any regulations FIA.

They have also said that their sound will rise and that visitors to Goodwood can check it. That will be from 23 to 26 June, which will have two units of the new McLaren 570S Sprint. One will be in a private exhibition for potential customers, but the second will participate in the popular up to Goodwood. We will be attentive to know all the details of this sport only suitable for circuit.

Source – McLaren

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