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McLaren 570S Track Pack; more light, aerodynamic and sporty

McLaren 570S Track Pack

The McLaren 570S is, according to the own brand, a vehicle aimed at a public that is slightly different to the traditional purchaser of McLaren. The concept of this car search utility every day without waiving their high sportsmanship, although to tell the truth the practicality will remain very low. 2.1 meters wide and 1.2 meters high, it will not be a car comfortable driving through the streets of a city; but its structure monocoque facilitates the entry and exit of the cockpit. Its trunk, at the front, only has a space of 150 litres.

At the rear is a supercharged V8 of 570 HP, which are sent only to the rear hub before going through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The weight, in dry, is of 1,313 kilos. Thanks to the new package Track Pack presented now, the McLaren 570S Track Pack is more light and get a greater strength of support thanks to its improved aerodynamics.

McLaren 570S Track Pack

This kit is intended for those who wish to enjoy their car in circuit and really find the limits. On the outside we can appreciate a prominent spoiler, that wins 12 mm of long. This detail that can seem little important gets, along with the rest of the bodywork and design, achieve a load aerodynamics of 29 kilograms to 240 km / h. That thrust toward the ground force can improve some tenth of a second the time per turn depending on in which circuit we find ourselves.

On the other hand, the interior has been lightened. Details of comfort of the McLaren 570S and some elements disappear. Seats, which in the standard model are leather, resort to the Alcantara to trim, while its structure is made of carbon fiber. These changes, along with new tires, they allow to save 25 kg.

McLaren 570S Track Pack

Responsible for developing this package has been McLaren Special Operations (MSO), which has also joined the British sports a very light review of its aesthetics and detail that can not miss at all sports that will roll in circuit; the telemetry. The total price for the set is about 19,500 euros, is not cheap, at least for us, but for the owner of a McLaren should not be a significant sum.

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