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Meet calls to the steering wheel with the hands free also is dangerous

Llamadas al volante

Since the phone mobile came to our lives is has owned of our be (me included in the bag). So strong is their influence on us that an action so simple, and while dangerous, as driving is has developed in task of risk to them people that pass a road or street if half a device mobile. This situation made that the systems hands free by bluetooth arrived to the dashboards of our cars.

However the evolution suffered from mobile phones have made that they become computers and therefore its spell over us is even greater. So much so that today road traffic accidents caused by the use of these devices they outnumber that occur result of a dismissal or neglect. However, include hands-free Bluetooth devices appears which is not as secure as we initially believed.

Llamadas al volante

According to a study published by the University of technology of Queensland (QUT), attend a conversation phone by our device bluetooth hands free is as dangerous as when talk by the phone without mediate the speaker. This conclusion us seems very successful since although not are using them hands to hold the mobile if are using good part of our capacity of concentration making that our attention is diverted of the road towards the conversation.

The researchers of this University have found that while maintain a conversation telephone through a device hands free would need ones 11 meters extra to stop our vehicle by full from a speed of 40 kilometers time. This distance, as is logical, will increase exponentially as the speed of the car is greater.

Now, many may think and then what do if receive a call while going driving? because the response is very simple. In our wonderful network of roads (in Spain, others countries it know) have many places where depart us of the circulation and meet the call of form safe. Therefore, think that the best solution would be which proposes the Government of them United States and is that them mobile have a mode aircraft so when are inside a car not can run some applications.

Source-University of technology of Queensland (QUT)

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