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Mercedes-AMG Project One: come up to 11,000 rpm, but it has a life of 50,000 km

Mercedes-AMG superdeportivo

Mercedes-AMG is immersed in a project of very high performance. Practically they want to bring a Formula 1 to the streets, what we know as Mercedes-AMG Project One. Aesthetically, it will be a very aggressive model, as if it were a vehicle for exclusive use in circuit, although it will not be too similar to an F1. Hybrid propulsion system it will be directly derived from the one used in the “big circus” by German manufacturer, so the Mercedes-AMG Project One benefits are secured.

Tobias Moers recently made a statement which stated that the production of the hiperdeportivo model would be limited to 275 units. Your price will be € 2.25 million approximately, while it will use a motor of 1.6 petrol supercharged V6, in partnership with an electrical propulsionsystem; i.e., it will be hybrid, such as the Ferrari LaFerrari or Porsche 918 Spyder. Do your power?, nothing less than 1,000 HP.

Mercedes-AMG superdeportivo híbrido

1.6 the Mercedes-AMG Project one internal combustion engine will be able to overcome the barrier of 10,000 rpm, approaching even to 11,000 laps. You have an engine derived directly from a single-seater F1 of positives so as to reach the engine speed or available to such high figure of power. However, the durability of the internals of the propellant is not as high as for a utility of 10,000 euros.

It estimated that every 50,000 kilometers must change a number of important elements of the propulsion system or the whole to the full. Is this a sin? If we take into account benefits that will give its driver to minimal overtone of the right pedal, very high exclusivity and the cost of the purchase of the vehicle, do not believe us something so dramatic. More even if we think that we really have a car directly from maximum Motorsports competition. In addition, how long will customer who most use the Mercedes-AMG Project One to reach that number of miles take?

Theoretically you can enjoy live and for the first time of this unique model in the Next Hall of Franfurt, in the month of September.

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