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Mercedes-AMG Project One, with doors type “gull wing”?

Mercedes-AMG superdeportivo híbrido

Much we are talking about in the last few months Mercedes-AMG Project One, the hiperdeportivo that soon we will know; a racing car but approved for circulation by public roads. The last news we had of it is that its mechanics would be able to climb to 11,000 revolutions per minute, although it is estimated an approximate life of 50,000 km, which is not something so go cry.

Never better said, this project is out of any rule. It will be difficult, that we can see some unity in person since your marketing will be very small. Anyway, if you have the opportunity to see him on occasion, look at their doors. Mercedes, Gorden Wagener, head of design, said that this car will not be conventional doors, which makes dream to many with opening doors “gull wing to Mercedes 300 SL or SLS AMG style.

Mercedes-AMG superdeportivo

This type of doors has been useddo in some of the mythical and advanced to their time of Mercedes models, such as the aforementioned two. However, one of the fundamental objectives for any hiperdeportivo is the lightness, something that is not very well with “Seagull wings” by their mechanism of opening. Does not weigh hundreds of pounds, but every gram counts in this type of vehicle so focused at peak performance of circuit led to the street.

It would not surprise that Mercedes had designed for his One Project some kind of revolutionary mechanism that does not increase its weight too. Also, the design team declared to our colleagues from Motoring that there will be “many parts of the exterior from Formula 1 racing“. They added on the inside that ‘is unbelievable. It is compact, it is radical, the position of the seat almost on the floor and seats are almost part of the structure of the cockpit“.” This car is putting us-based good long teeth.

Source – Motoring

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