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Mercedes-Benz review for the future the key of your success

Mercedes Clase X Concept Powerful Adventurer

True was what said that advertisement of Mercedes-Benz in which warned of that “something is happening in Mercedes”. With this powerful marketing campaign the German firm warned customers that would leave behind its image of brand for “older gentlemen” and their opponents. The move left them perfect, supported by the launch of models, as the class A, which have reported you great satisfaction.

To day of today this revolution continues existing since the signature of the star is going to put of full in the segment of them pick ups. This market niche is new to the firm (although you can find some G-class “tuned”) but has surrounded by a specialist in the subject such as Nissan to give the target. With him they expect to increase their sales in countries that appreciate such vehicles above others (see the United States).

Mercedes Clase E All-Terrain

This road has made possible that close with all likelihood the year 2016 as the first manufacturer premium of the world. And to give continuity to this day, the firm will continue to grow based increase its range of models, engines (gasoline, diesel, hybrids and electric) and improve day by day their designs.

According to Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, these will be the pillars on which turn on the future of the firm. The design, as it has been patent in this development will be a point to take into account when it comes to launch a new model in the market. As occurred with the current class to, each one of those models that lance the signature will have a greater load dynamic in their lines.

If us focus in the range of engines, according to its CEO, the manufacturer will continue to keeping agreements with others marks to develop jointly new alternative for boost to them cars of the future. However, when it comes to carry out the manufacture of these drives will be them who carried it out. This is a form of keep and care for the quality of their products above all.

We hope that Mercedes-Benz continue to surprise us for good, as he has done so far. Luck Mercedes.


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