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Mercedes unveiled a new compact at the Shanghai show

Mercedes Clase A sedán

Mercedes has a range of compact models consisting of no less than five models, such as: Mercedes class A, Mercedes CLA, CLA Mercedes Shooting Brake, Mercedes GLA and Mercedes b-class. In our market are sold five, although not in all countries where the brand has a presence are sold all these models. Not all cars are just as defendants in different markets.

If five compact cars are many for a brand, hold on, because the Product Manager of compact Mercedes recently announced that in the Shanghai motor show, which takes place at the end of this month of April, brand will discover a new compact. That Yes, we do not know if you can also reach the European market or if, on the other hand, will not be so versatile model in this regard.

Mercedes Clase A sedán

Seeing that Mercedes has enough cover compact range, we can think that the signing of the three-pointed star is about to introduce a new model specific to the Asian market or exclusive to China. It would not be neither the first nor the last time that a brand launches a car specifically for a country. In China are very given to sue type sedan cars, so it would not be surprising to see, for example, a new Mercedes class A Sedan (which already have spoken), more spacious and comfortable than the classic Mercedes.

The Compact range has helped, and much, Mercedes. In recent years the firm has significantly increased their sales, stealing clients to firms such as BMW. Compact cars are juvenile, so have removed that “car for older” fame, which has also contributed the new brand image with much more sport and less traditional designs. Our intuitions, for now, are little, since Mercedes did not want to go further and it has left everything in the air. In a very few weeks we’ll find out.

Source – Motor1

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