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Mercedes will be mark best-selling premium in the world in 2016

Diete Zetsche

Dieter Zetsche, the Lord with mustache that see in the image above, is the current director of Daimler. Recently he said, proudly, that the Mercedes-Benz brand will be the signature car the world’s largest Premium at the end of the year 2016 present. The German mark from three-pointed star takes more than 10 years without being at the top in terms of vehicle sales of Premium refers.

Mercedes takes time wanting to return to be the more sold of its segment and Dieter Zetsche announced makes approximately a year that their objective was get to it more high in a term of five years. To the surprise of many, and perhaps also of themselves, that goal will be materialized in less than a month, when the end of the year and we know sales in computation of 2016 of Mercedes and its direct competition, BMW and Audi.

Prueba Mercedes GLA 220 CDI 4MATIC

“Will accomplish it this year, four years ahead of time” stated Zetsche at a Conference in Frankfurt alluding to the objective that we mentioned before. In the 10 first months of the year, Mercedes had grown a 12% trading 1.71 million of units, while BMW had grown a 5.5% delivering 1.64 million of cars and Audi recorded an increase of the 4.2% selling 1.55 million of cars in all the world.

In the month of November, the Mercedes brand sales increased by 13%, accumulated 1.89 million sales to date of the last day of November. His two main rivals have not communicated even his records, but very well would you have given November and better still will them to December to avoid that Mercedes ‘hang the Medal”the brand’s best-selling premium in the world.

Therefore, Mercedes has practically assured to be the first globally and will sell more than 2 million cars in 2016. Surely, the growth experienced by the German mark’s star due to its range of SUVs and the great acceptance that is having the models of the range class A (including the Mercedes GLA).

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