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Mercedes will be pioneered to install particulate filters in petrol cars

For several years, there are particulate filters on vehicles powered by diesel engines. They reduce the emissions of particles of the vehicle to be practically nil. Now, Mercedes communicates to be pioneer in installing them also in gasoline vehicles.

The star brand has been about two years testing these filters for petrol cars. Says brand, such tests have been conducted S500 model and the environmental results have been satisfactory, so it “dares” to install them on a large number of versions of the German flagship.

Time mark is silent on what will be versions of the S-class that will receive the particulate filter, but says that the incorporation will be on models of the restyling. It is hoped that, once Debuts it the S class and become a pioneer in having this type of filter, the system extends for the rest of models and engines of the brand.


Supercharged direct-injection gasoline engines, i.e. most available gasoline mechanical today, emit a figure very high particulate suspended if we compare it with the virtually abandoned atmospheric indirect injection engines that emit more CO2, despite its number of particles is much lower. We remind that CO2, although it contributes to the greenhouse effect, is not a gaseous pollutant in itself; While the PM emissions are dangerous.

The operation of these particle filters, also known as FAP, is to collect the particles in it for later elimanrlos. Electronics detects through sensors of temperature when the filter is full and, once filled, produces combustion inside eliminating them completely. Thus vehicle pollution is reduced.

The particles in suspension are very harmful for health and consist mainly of soot. In humans it can cause cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Therefore, another step forward on behalf of our planet and our health. We hope that other brands will follow this step of Mercedes.

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