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Mercedes worked already in 2007 in its V6 turbocharged F1 engine

Now Bernie Ecclestone has hinted on several occasions, Mercedes knew before that any other team change plans of the V6 Turbo and engines that has allowed it to gain a substantial advantage that has served to win because several Championships pilots and builders, being one of the best teams in history, resulting almost relentless unless he fails the reliability or the pilots…

Those years ahead in development made that German engine had one maturity greater than the competition and have simple seasons without real rivals. But, seen developments that have made the rest of bikers, this let me also doubt that if both have approached despite a clear temporal disadvantage, that is to say that they are doing an extraordinary job.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Regardless of competitive analysis, Mercedes has done a great job with lpower unit and no one doubts that. But now another great voice joins Bernie, that of Montezemolo. Who was boss of Ferrari has assured the media that Lauda came to confess that Mercedes already worked at a V6 Turbo engine from 2007, that means no less than 7 years of development until 2014, when they began to use.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo now understands the fierce opposition that Mercedes had when the rest of motorists attempting to oppose the regulations of the FIA to impose this type of engines for the 2014 season. That inflexibility reminds me of McLaren which had to make new rules of 2017 on the aerodynamics. Although a comparison cannot be made, I hope to benefit McLaren to reach at least to the big and not be suffering from entering the Top10…

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