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MG shows some images of its small SUV future


The extinct Rover-MG group did not taste the sweetness of the success of the SUV segment since it disappeared as such for more than one decade. If I allow the audacity, we must remember that with your Rover 25 Streetwise inaugurated the category we now know as SUV (or urban looking SUV) that register as well Volkswagen Cross Polo or the Hyundai i20 Active.

From that wreck survived MG (Rover is II in the freezer of the Tata Group) and now fights against all odds to regain part of the image that it lost after the collapse of its parent company. However, despite the efforts being carried out Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation SAIC m (its current owner) still has not been able to find the place that occupied old even with products more than competent.


To continue trying SAIC will provide MG a SUV smaller than their current GS. Eastern small whole road will be a very worthy opponent for the Nissan Juke. Its design has been in charge of SAIC design (division dedicated to the design of the matrix of MG vehicles) and collaborations with students having the firm in China and the United Kingdom.


The new MG ZS (trade name that will be in China longer than Matthew Cheyne head of sales and marketing of MG has confirmed that it will not be United Kingdom) it has a very successful design and although it is no longer a blatant of other models, copy never ceases to remind members of the SUV segment. Depending on the brand new design language is intended to provide a more elegant appearance to MG. For this they have paid greater attention to surfaces and forms that we have seen in the latest models of MG.

It will be presented officially in the Hall of Guangzhou (China) will open its doors to the public on November 18 and arrival at the English market would be planned for the year 2019. Finally, its mechanical range and terminations still have no news, although it is more than likely that share the block gasoline of 1.5 litres of siblings of range and others debuts new development.

Source – MG

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