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MINI JCW GP could be back by the end of the Decade


Makes some months saw it arrives of the MINI John Cooper Works Challenge, an Edition limited to 100 units that is would be only in United Kingdom. Even so, this edition let a good flavor of mouth by his sportsmanship and us did ask us if would come something more interesting in a future. Even now there is some that is dare to predict that could be in road a new MINI JCW GP, a name that with read it already excited.

The acronym GP linked to the name of John Cooper Works already have been used previously and will have corresponded with them versions more powerful and radical of the model. And seems to be that that there is any possibility of that come to the market. Peter Schwarzenbauer, head of the brand, he confessed it to saying that said model “it is an important part of the MINI brand. “Has operated well for us in the past and not see because not in the future”.


Even so, the next MINI JCW GP not come within some. Previously this version has occupied a place as editing final to them generations previous. Currently going by the third generation and still you is enough travel in the market. Is expected that to end of the Decade appears his successor and therefore also could get its version more radical until the date. The philosophy will be the same that in them earlier.

It more likely is that the new MINI JCW GP offer more power of series, a new suspension sport and without seats back to save weight. Also could be a model limited, because of the previous only be made 2,000 units. In any case there will be that wait to see as is develops this project. Meanwhile we will have to comply with the current MINI John Cooper Works of 231 CV that departs from 31.750 euros in Spain.

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