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Mini “Remastered”, original aesthetic with current technology

Remasterización Mini original

In the history of the automotive industry have been created certain models that, for some reasons or other, are beloved and admired by most of society. We can mention, for example, the original Ford Mustang, Fiat 500 mid-century, the Volkswagen “beetle” and, of course, the original MINI. All these they have returned or have been renovated maintaining, to the extent possible, the original essence and aesthetic.

However, the passage of the years, regulations, safety and society have forced these cars to change most of what we would like to. The dimensions of the Volkswagen Beetle, the Fiat 500 or the MINI Mini have grown a lot, improving comfort and livability to adapt to modern times, but missing something of charm. The case is David Brown, a businessman whose idea is to bring the modern world mythical old cars, has created this Mini Remastered.

Remasterización Mini original

In this case, the Remastered Mini Yes keeps contained the original model and also the lines and forms of the exteriordimensions. If we saw him down the street, we could say without hesitation that it is a great restoration of an original Mini. Despite this, it brings more elements and technologies of the present of what you could expect for its exterior aesthetics. If we see the interior, although it also saves lots of retro air, we have items such as a Center with 7-inch touch screen, browser or air conditioning.

Other important current things that brings this David Brown Mini is propellant which is hidden under your hood. Told the creator that, despite its low displacement of barely 1.3 litre, has 50% more power. Also the brakes and suspensions have been modernised, as well as the gearbox. The rigidity of the chassis has been improved for easier handling.

Remasterización Mini original

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