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Mitsubishi Lancer 11, rumors are very close

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

To day of today all know that Mitsubishi already not walking alone by the paths of the sector of the automobile world. He scandal of them emissions of their engines in Japan made that their actions fell and its partner, Nissan, took advantage of the juncture for make is with it most of its capital. Starting from there all what they are are doubts and unknowns since the signing of the three diamonds now it seems when better things I was doing and wanted to return wanting to market.

Within this desire is the launch of new models since its current range is so short (in the main markets where it is present) that customers prefer to go to other rival brand to buy the car of your dreams. Currently without a Compact, an urban and a sedan or minivan much limiting its sales on the market. Also, one of their models emblem has left of sell is makes relatively little time leaving us orphans to the passionate of the signature.

Nissan y Mitsubishi firman la venta de acciones

However, it seems that your new matrix (Renault-Nissan Alliance) wants the brand back on track and recover part of its lost luster. The other day a friend told me that Mitsubishi would have very advanced the development of the first 10th generation of its Lancer. According to this web (of origin Chinese) Renault yield its platform CMF (the same of them Talisman, Megane…) so the next generation of the saloon Japanese again to our roads.

All know that this platform is very good and modern, and that can incorporate elements technology and of security as important as the direction 4Control. However do not see to this platform giving life to the next generation of the Mitsubishi Lancer. The reason is that this platform cannot mount a four wheel drive with differential mechanics (of the whole life) and therefore limit the options of the Lancer’s face to a hypothetical version racing.

Clear, also is that very few sports are those who today bet by differential mechanical for benefit is of a better traction. In this case the platform CMF that can host differential electronic and therefore that could serve as basis for this Lancer. Is as is prefer collect the news and make you partakers of she by what could pass, since is us could present by surprise and that it not us would like to.

Source – Liberty Times Net

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