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Morgan EV3 Junior, the reduced scale of the Three Wheeler brother

Morgan ev3 Junior 1

If there is something in the world that you like to the lovers of cars, it is the power driving one that give us more better sensations . Perhaps many people may not understand it but as said a famous Formula 1 driver, car and the layout must be feeling with her ass, and if this does not happen is that we are driving one of the many appliances with wheels that are sold today.

Morgan is one of the few firms that are faithful to their tradition and therefore still manufacturing cars that invite you to drive, even if its practicality is located at the bottom of its pores. As proof of this we have Three Wheeler since that is more like a coach of toys for adults than any other competitor in the market. Therefore, given the feelings aroused in many customers have decided to give a small brother to the children of these drivers.

Morgan ev3 Junior

The Morgan EV3 Junior is the vehicle that you’re seeing in these images and as you’re seeing can be driven by children. The EV3 Junior is a replica to scale of the Morgan original EV and to move relies on an electric motor powered by batteries (with a time of four hours charging). These offer an autonomy between refills up to 10 km and a top speed limited to 10 km per hour, so if we translate both data on time of driving would be more or less than an hour.

Morgan ev3 Junior

The work they have achieved in Morgan is worthy of praise put that in a car so small they have managed to maintain elements of the EV3 as: independent front suspensions, headlamps and fenders and the electric motor that takes its energy. In addition, such a degree of preparation has EV3 Junior up with reverse gear to perform all kinds of maneuvers when you are driving.

To finish we’ll tell you that Morgan EV3 Junior is valued at about 7730 euros. In addition, if the customer wants it you can choose between three different colors for your body or two types of upholstery for your interior. There is nothing.

Source – CarScoops

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