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New Opel Zafira: change of look and technology plus

Just a few days ago we brought you the leaked images of the new Opel Zafira. They were images to computer of not very good quality and with few details. Now, we have the official photos of the Opel minivan and all.

Few minutes ago the German mark showed the deep restyling of the Opel Zafira. His aesthetic changes considerably on the outside, while inside turns to a new provision of the instrument panel and a greater technology. Mechanically there are no changes.



As mentioned, Although it may seem a totally new model is not it. It’s a facelift very important of the Opel Zafira Tourer released in 2012 that does not assume a generational use.

On the front panel and the interior design is inherited from the Opel Astra Outside we find a design front inherited clearly of the Opel Astra, we met several months ago. Forms of the headlights, the calender and even the lower part of the bumper is very similar to those used in the Astra and the Corsa. The aforementioned headlamps can incorporate Adaptive lighting technology LED. On the contrary, behind remains unchanged with respect to the version launched in 2012.

Already in the cockpit we find similarities with the latest creations of Opel. The instrument panel as well as the area of the center console is updated with a more modern image for the box and a much more clean and functional design for the console, which before was overly full of buttons and now has a 7-inch touch screen. The steering wheel also changes, to use the same as the current Opel Astra.


Technology, comfort and driving aid systems

The wireless access point allows you to connect up to seven devices In the part of technology and infotainment, we find the IntelliLink R4.0 system which allows the connection of smartphones and make compatible it with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For customers who also need a browser there is the IntelliLink Navi 950. The familiar system of personal assistance, OnStar with automatic call-home of accident and the access point to the internet WiFi 4 G LTE with possibility to connect seven devices could not miss.

As for comfort, the Opel Zafira Tourer can incorporate comfortable seats AGR in the front seats. For its part, the second row of seats is adjustable in length and verticality, and may win a few centimetres of space for the luggage compartment or possible two occupants of the third row of seats. This last row is folded into the boot floor when not using them leaving a surface completely flat with a volume of 710 litres for the trunk. If we also killed the second row this space grows to 1,860 litres.

Some of the driving aid systems are notice of involuntary change of lane, blind, adaptive cruise control sensor and camera back with aforementioned Adaptive LED light. It also has the Opel Eye, which is able to recognize road signs change from long to short and vice versa depending on the conditions and alert us of a possible collision.


It seems that at the moment Opel not introduce new mechanics in the minivan, maintaining the current range engines with diesel, gasoline and LPG. Nor has ruled on the price or the date of arrival of the first units mark. We do not believe too increase with respect to the current Zafira Tourer and imagine that it will reach dealerships in the last quarter of the year.

Source | Opel

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