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New updates and luxurious Executive for the Porsche Panamera Variant

Porsche Panamera Executive 2017

It’s been a few months since the German firm submit us the second generation of the Porsche Panamera. The exterior design has been enough continuity in this generation gap experienced recently, being the rear part of the bodywork that most changes with respect to its predecessor. But the biggest jump of this Porsche Panamera compared with the predecessor model lies in technology. Now approaching Salon in Los Angeles and Porsche already ahead us of its innovations.

The main novelties that the German mark will present at the American event will be the introduction of two new levels of access to the range, with the Porsche Panamera and Panamera 4, which debuts a new engine more powerful, efficient and clean environment; and the variant of bodywork with battle long called Porsche Panamera Executive, more luxurious and oriented in the enjoyment of their squares later, with a full system of Infotainment later.

Porsche Panamera Executive 2017

We started with the new levels of access to the range: Panamera and Panamera 4. The only difference between them is the traction system, which in the case of the Panamera “to dry” engine power is sent to the rear wheels, while the Panamera 4 is distributed between the four wheels. Both versions are equipped with a nuevo engine 3.0 V6 turbo 330 HP, so they get 20 HP more in comparison with their predecessors, and are also 13% more efficient in terms of fuel.

The other big news from Porsche for the Salon in Los Angeles, are not the first two versions of access, but the Porsche Panamera Executive. The peculiarity of this model is its greater distance between axes, which grows in 15 cm from other versions. These 15 cm help to considerably improve the space for the rear seats. Also, and for do see that the word “Executive” is used by something, brings get seats rear heated with regulations electric, roof panoramic, a prominent console central in them squares rear and tables folding among others.

We want to stop in the 10.1-inch screens that we see after the backrests of the front seats. According to Porsche, apart from to be dismantled and used outside of the vehicle, turn the back of the large sedan Coupe in a completely digitized work . Although it is best give play to check all the functions of this rear Infotainment System with the video that we leave right here below.

The Porsche Panamera Executive can be associated with all variants with integral traction, i.e., we can count Porsche Panamera 4 Executive, Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Executive, Panamera 4S Panamera Turbo Executive and Executive. On the other hand, the Executive range can count on Adaptive air suspension, associated with the Active Suspension Management System , and Full LED lighting. In the case of the Executive Turbo, can also add “soft closing” doors and four wheel steering.

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