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Nissan and Daimler AG reorganized its operations in New Mexico factory

Daimler Nissan México

The human condition makes humans look like support to achieve certain things. The automobile sector, being formed by people, also has these inclinations Although weekends are pursuing are more economical than morales. Partnerships are equally old to the presence of man on Earth and the same thing happens to that running the car brands.

As examples we have partnership agreements between brands or if the subject is of greater substance we can talk of mergers. In the first case, one of the agreements of collaboration that most impacted when it became public was that of the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz matrix). At first seemed not to fit, but seeing the good work he has done the new Mercedes class A with Renault diesel engines and Infiniti with class A for his Q30 base agreement seems more than successful.

Infiniti QX50 Concept

As part of this partnership included the construction of a new plant producer in Aguascalientes (Mexico). As established between the parties, in this new factory the Infiniti models as well as several Mercedes – Benzis ensamblarían. However, as a good deal, parties are reviewing it and it seems that there will be adjustments in the operations of both brands with a view to making their models.

This revision of the agreement comes after Nissan said that you will not use the MFA2 platform of Mercedes-Benz for the next small model of Infiniti. After that Daimler AG bothered since the idea was the of creating a common basis for a series of models. Although after Carlos Ghosn jumped to the palestra for say that in Nissan still are studying if finally use it same base that is creating the signature of the star.

Be that as it may, Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti are willing to continue working together since that manufacturing in Mexico can bring huge profits. However both firms are vigilant for the Trump effect not lay their expectations and gains in the American market.

Source – Daimler AG – Nissan

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