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Nissan Barcelona will go on strike on Nov. 8 to improve his salary

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A Nissan Spain seems that things get complicated you. During the years of the crisis, the plant located in Barcelona had to make great sacrifices to continue counting on her to make new products. So well did his work that the press is les has awarded to them of form exclusive, however seems that all not going according to it planned.

One of the sacrifices that had to deal with the template of Nissan Barcelona plant It was to wage cuts. These cuts would be revised and corrected to the stands as the crisis out passing and the factory achieve them objectives proposed from the brand. However, once the crisis seems to have last, them unions and it marks not is put of agreement at the time of review and increase them wages.


As we have learned, Nissan would have offered a wage for the year 2016 and 2017 of the 1 per cent increase to the workers of the plant. This rise, half of each year would only be consolidatable and the other party would be effective by the payment of a special supplement. This proposal, in the eyes of the trade unions, seems insufficient and therefore they would have called the workers of the factory to strike.

So this does not carry out trade unions would have raised a rise, as minimum, 1.5 percent for each year. In addition, they claim that this rise should be established and registered in the pay tables. However, it seems that from the direction of the firm not be would have accepted this proposal and this disagreement arises.

Other problems that unions call to solve is the reduction of hiring through subcontractors and that the rate of the plant is reduced to levels more acceptable to the template. However, in both respects nor is there agreement in principle between the parties.

The stoppages will be an hour by working the shift coming on October 27 and November 3. In addition, for next November 8 would have summoned a strike but in this case 24 hours of duration.

From here look forward to arriving at a good agreement for the sake of the plant and the potential improvements that they could get if the brand tip for Barcelona to manufacture the next generation of the Qashqai.

Source – Agencia EFE

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