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Nissan decreases their profits because of the strength of the Yen

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Nissan has just announced its economic results for the first half of the fiscal year. We must remember that for Japanese companies its fiscal year is from April 1 to March 31 of the year. During the first six months of the year Nissan has lobrado obtained a net profit of 282.400 billion yen (2.445 billion euros to change), i.e., its profit has fallen 13.3 percent year on year.

These results are not the best firm in several years, however since the signing the situation that has caused these numbers has been clarified. According to Nissan it depreciation that has suffered the Yen versus other currency of reference has made that to the change their benefits fall significantly. Also them markets emerging not is are behaving according to them forecasts initial and that is making that their investments do not have the return right.

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In total during the six first months of your exercise fiscal Nissan has sold in all the world 2.05 million of cars. This growth means 3.2 percent more sales. However this growth positive are translates of different way depending on the market of which we are speaking. If we talk about its sales in Japan and Europe have fallen by 20.3 percent in the first and by 0.3 percent in the second.

On the other side we have to the United States. In the country of the Uncle Sam Nissan has achieved increase their sales in an 8.3 per cent. Of this form strengthens its position in one of them markets more important of the world since manages to concentrate the half of their sales world in this country.

By now the brand has not clarified if it will make adjustments in their plans or keep them intact until you see what happens in the third quarter of the fiscal year. We will have to wait and see how they behave emerging markets and if the Yen regains ground lost during these months.

Source – Nissan Motors Corporation

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