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Nissan e-Power, developing the electric extended-range

Nissan e-Power

What certain is that the relationship of Nissan with them vehicles electrical has been successful from the beginning. Can be proud of saying that his Nissan LEAF is the electric more sold, having exceeded already them 250,000 units. One of the problems of this type of vehicles and that check back to prospective buyers is autonomy. With the aim of improving this aspect, we have the Nissan e-Power.

This technology will be used in the not-too-distant future to power an extended-range electric vehicle. This system has an electric motor that serves as a main propeller of the vehicle and also added a small engine gasoline that it will serve as a generator. It is not something new in the segment, since it is very similar to the system currently used the BMW i3 REX.

Nissan e-Power

As said before, your performance will be completely different to the traditional hybrids. In them, the motor of gasoline makes the work main while the power serves of support. In this Nissan e-Power motor electric you will need all the workload, while that of gasoline will be just a generator that only serve to charge the batteries and increase autonomy. In fact, not will be neither connected to the wheels.

The advantages of this system are the same of an electric, but in this case without the worry of having to be loading it by plugging it into the network. The system would be nearly as silent as a conventional electric and would also have that instant torque delivery. Also has been having a very contained dimensions, so you can install it in compact vehicles. The first to receive it could be the Nissan Note e-Power, coming soon to Japan.

Nissan e-Power


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