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Nissan is choking emissions from its diesel in South Korea

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It seems that the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group will extend by all brands of cars. What you see (is a guess to the beast) all brands have lied at the time approved emissions of pollutants emitted by diesel engines. I say this because the authorities of half the world has been to review what they have done the different firms in their territories, and by now there are several brands that are being investigated.

Volkswagen and its consortium opened this delicate melon, Fiat Chrysler Automóbiles (FCA) is also being it in the United States, BMW in Korea of the South next to Nissan, and I am sure that between now and very little will leaving more signatures. In this case, Nissan is that we are going to talk about, since South Korea has decided to end the problem of diesel engines of the Japanese firm failing against the brand and for the Government of the country.

Nissan Qashqai

The Japanese firm was fined in the Asian country by having falsified documentation concerning thousands of cars. With this action, could be approved various models of cars lace through the stringent test for its approval. For this reason they were reprimanded with a number close to $300,000, in addition to the obligation to remedy the problem and provide these vehicles actual approval and documentation.

However, the Government of South Korea did not remain quiet and decided to investigate the 1.6 engine emissions dci diesel riding the Qashqai. According to the hypothesis of the research this mechanics would have a device that would allow you to turn off gas treatment system for exhaust while the vehicle is moving by road. However, this system Yes would enter into operation when it detects that it is being tested in laboratory to measure the particles of NOx and therefore could be a defeat device.

After finish them research the judges have estimated timely condemn to the signature. According to the judges ruled “there is a reasonable doubt to believe that Nissan Qashqai has been approved through false or irregular procedures”. Before this statement Nissan, through a connected of press official, has repeated his innocence and the possibility of resorting the failed of the Court South Korean.

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