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Nissan Juke Black Pearl Edition will make his debut at the Salon in Los Angeles

Nissan Juke Black Pearl Edition

Approaching the Automobile Salon in Los Angeles, a very interesting quote especially for the marketing in North America. There the Japanese company will present the Nissan Juke Black Pearl Edition that we see in the images; an Limited Edition only 1000 units destined to United States and other 250 for marketing in Canada, so we will not acquire it in the ‘old continent’.

Seems that the subsidiaries of U.S. and European have been according to the editions of black color, and is that yesterday same you informed you of the limited edition Black Edition for the Nissan LEAF in Europe. Main differences of the Nissan Juke Black Pearl Edition in comparison with other more conventional Nissan Juke are purely aesthetic, and will only be marketed with the engine 1.6 turbo petrol and automatic stepless Variator change; Although guests can choose between front or integral traction.

Nissan Juke Black Pearl Edition

The body of this special edition receives a base color glossy black . To give a touch of distinciony attract even more, elements as the contours of the inferior headlights, a small edge of the front bumper, the housings of the exterior mirrors, the handles of the doors, the upper wing and “whiskers” that draws the bumper back in its lower have been painted of color white, generating a great contrast with these two such opposite tones. Moreover, the 17-inch wheels mounted tyres 215/55 decanted by the color black.

In the cockpit , returns to make appearance in the black and white contrast. In the seats, for example, are whiteseams. We also find this tonality in the contours of the air outlets and all the plastic that surrounds the different elements of the center console, providing an aesthetic similar to that we are standard on the current Toyota Prius in this part.

Nissan Juke Black Pearl Edition

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