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Nissan warns of that PROPILOT will get more soon that afternoon

Nissan Serena PROPILOT

Nissan is one of the most active companies in terms of electric vehicles. Also now wants to accelerate its plans for driving autonomous as already is testing its System PROPILOT in your minivan Japanese serene. If unite all this have them statements that has left the brand in the CES of the Vegas in which have informed that the Nissan Leaf will come soon (that already it know) and that will come with the last evolution of the system of auto driving PROPILOT.

According to the signature the system of auto driving will come to the market first in the vehicles electrical of the Alliance. In this way the improvements in terms of energy density of lithium-ion batteries that will incorporate future electric Nissan coupled with the benefits in terms of driving that will provide PROPILOT will make the autonomy of these cars grow significantly.

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

As responsible for the Japanese firm the next Leaf will be equipped with the latest evolution of the PROPILOT technology, allowing you the ability of circular autonomously by a single lane of the road. Certain is that not is so full as the system Autopilot of Tesla, but for the price of sale end that will have the compact electric of the signature, will make a work more than remarkable.

In addition to all this, Takao Asami, Vice President of research and engineering advanced in Nissan Motors, announced that they are working on a new battery for the Leaf with a higher energy density and the possibility of more than 400 kilometers. What has not been confirmed is whether we will see her in a development of the model until the present generation will cease its sale or know it in the next generation of the Leaf.

For finish also has informed that are working for the cost of these batteries can decrease of form sensitive for of this form do to the car electric more accessible to those drivers.

Source-Nissan Motors

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