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Nissan will maintain production of the Qashqai in United Kingdom

Nissan Qashqai Sunderland

The Brexit will bring tail. So soon to the car brands that have production plants in English soil does more than produce them headaches. The first who warned that it was studying the possible relocation of the production of one of the models manufactured in the United Kingdom was Nissan. The Japanese brand warned that if its factory because of the Brexit lost competitiveness front would take all or part of the production of the Qashqai.

By now the British Government has not done more to calm waters and trying to convince brands that will not suffer any prejudice economic or commercial when the country abandons the European free trade area (that remains to be seen). Other brands are waiting to see what happens to make a decision, such as Mini. However some reason weight will have given Nissan for which this decides not only to maintain the production of the next generation of the Qashqai in Sunderland, but which also manufactured the new generation of the SUV X-Trail.

Nissan X-Trail Style Edition

Nissan Motor has communicated that in the plant that have in Sunderland not only is will keep it production of the current generation of the Qashqai but will receive it of it next generation all road of the signature. In addition also announced that the English factory will also manufacture the next generation of the elder brother of the Qashqai, the X-Trail.

This decision does not come alone, because brand has also pledged to increase investment, which had provided for the English factory. So workers will keep his post with the new reallocation of production. This situation has occurred thanks to the guarantees that the British Government has provided to Nissan for maintaining its competitiveness and interested economic and commercial.

Carlos Ghosn announced that the decision has been taken once evaluated guarantees providing the Executive English to the Nissan plant in his country. There will be that wait to know them details of this agreement to know if is a decision for the long term or could verse modified if the consequences of the Brexit is again more hard for the sector of the automobile English.


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