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No, fortunately Honda Civic Type R will not have a change CVT

Honda Civic Type R Prototype

Just a few days back was light a rumor that angered many lovers of the sport compact and more still to fans of the mythical Japanese compact sports version, the Honda Civic Type R. If them purists lovers of this model already had little over after the supercharging of the current generation (all them earlier Civic Type R were atmospheric), safe is plundered a good mosque when read that the following Type R was going to use a change automatic CVT.

This type of automatic transmission is notable for its smooth performance and really like especially in the American market, where it is used in good part of all vehicles, say, normal. Some manufacturers have provided through the electronic management operation that simulates different transmission speeds, a good way to convince the typical European customer who, incidentally, probably do not know if your automatic transmission is a dual-clutch, monoembrague, converter, etc.

Honda Civic Type R Black Edition

In principle, Honda Civic Type R will be associated to a Manual six relations. The Japanese brand had not ruled on a VARIANT Automatic nor, clearly, what kind of system would use this so-called automatic transmission. As we said, the Honda criticisms began to arrive when a rumour, which quickly gained enough strength, said that you he will also get an automatic version with CVT system.

According to today from the middle Car and Driver, two spokesmen for the Japanese brand have confirmed them that this rumor is completely false. As we can read, Honda will not market any Civic Type R with CVT transmission, not even a gearbox that is not manual. Sure this news pleased later to more than one lover of the brand and the Honda Civic Type R, which already would be planning a boycott to the prestigious firm founded by Soichiro Honda.

Source – Car and Driver

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