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Ojito with the future Pagani Huayra Roadster, could have “wings of Gull”

Teaser Pagani Huayra

During the latest weeks Pagani has published several teasers on the future Pagani Huayra Roadster, that will be revealed finally within a month in the next Salon of the car of Geneva. The campaign of the brand to “hype” to their next model still has not ceased and this new image posted on his Facebook profile makes us think. And much. Pagani could have prepared a magnificent never-before-seen system.

In earlier teasers commented that was almost sure that the Pagani Huayra Roadster resorting to a ceiling retractable by an image filtered. Also said that as normal would be that it lost part of its essence because almost certainly place of its opening style doors “gull wing”. However, this latest teasers make us doubt that (almost) claim, since we see out of focus a Huayra camouflaged with its doors open and, Yes, “gull wing” opening doors.

As we see, head of the founder of the brand, Horacio Pagani, and blurry the vehicle in questionappears in the foreground. Photo doesn’t appreciate if the bodywork Huayra coupé or if it is a convertible. The only thing that remains unclear is opening doors. Could it be a Pagani Huayra closed ceiling? Yes, but, why us went to dizzy with a unit camouflaged of a model that already is more than presented? It could be a Huayra Roadster with these striking Gates , but how would have done you?  As you can see, questions not missing us precisely.

We will wait until the month that comes when Horacio Pagani discover us all what is plotting its new model. Supercar which, by the way, also its mechanical performance is unknown, but it seems that it will use same 6-litre V12 engine created by AMG that his brother mounts coupé. In this case, we are talking about figures of 730 HP and 1000 Nm.

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