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Opel has confirmed that it will manufacture its B-SUV Crossland X in Spain

Opel Crossland X

Opel and the factory in Figueruelas (Spain) are in luck. The signing of Ray has just announced that next to the Corsa, Corsa Van, Meriva and Mokka X will manufacture is a new model in its facilities. This will be a B-SUV and will be the substitute to the already veteran MPV urban Meriva. In addition also have announced which will be the name of this new model and will be Opel Crossland X.

Opel has decided that the substitute of the Meriva is a SUV to the use. The reason it is simple and is reflected in the numbers who get these models every month around the world. This model, as is logical, is located within the range of the manufacturer just a step below the current Mokka X. However according to the brand will have an image and design sports in which combine to the same time cockpit wide for its category.

opel-meriva (61)

According to Tina Müller, Director general of marketing of Opel, “them customers also want cars more emotional in the segment B” and is by this that want to “meet these expectations with the Crossland X, and offer a car with a design shocking and with the advantages of a SUV for the style of life urban-agile in the city and that transmit confidence in long travels-.” This is the ideal car for those people who enjoy living the camp life in the city, for those who love nature and need a large space to carry their children”.

Its production is planned for beginning of the next year and although its design final still is a unknown already is are rolling by road them mules of test of the model. In addition, also is to be confirmed if finally the Figueruelas plant will have fitted the replacement for the Citroën C3 Picasso.

We must not forget that of the ephemeral agreement between General Motors and PSA (Peugeot and Citroen DS) agreed that substitutes the Meriva and C3 Picasso would have GM base and that they would be built in the same place. What do not know is if the two chevrons brand minivan will take the same SUV air of his brother’s platform.

There will be that wait to see how will develop them events.


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