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Panasonic will build a new plant by Tesla

Gigafactoría Tesla

The other day I had the Gigafactoria that Tesla is building in Nevada, United States, goes at a very good pace and that when it opened its doors may supply batteries so the Silicon Valley firm can market all the Model S, X and 3 you want. This mega factory will employ thousands of people and will be placed as one of the most modern in the world for many years.

However, Tesla and its founder, Elon Musk, are all a box of surprises and today we have learned that the Japanese manufacturer of batteries and electronics, Panasonic, are interested in investing to build a new plant for manufacturing of electrical components. The reason for this construction might be caused because Tesla and Panasonic already collaborate on issues such as the design and manufacture of the batteries they need their cars to walk.

Panasonic Gigafactoría Tesla

As both companies Panasonic reported it would be interested in investing more than 256 million dollars with Tesla to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules to transform electricity obtained through this method into usable energy. With this investment both firms would extend the agreement of collaboration that already have active and that so good results les is giving.

The place that would have thought to build it would be the city of Buffalo, New York. However, is not yet decided what will be its location permanently. What we do know is that with this new agreement, Tesla is committed to the Japanese firm in the long run to buy your batteries. To your time, Tesla is has committed with Panasonic in help it to provide you infrastructure for research in addition to helps in aspects logistics.

This agreement should realize is in the middle of the next year 2017 and when are to full performance should be getting a gigawatt of production for the year 2019.

Source – Panasonic

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