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PoleStar launch Volvo high performance hybrids


As you know, the Swedish firm Volvo, acquired a few months ago all the actions of Polestar. In this way, mark was done with full control of this company with a well defined objective, create a special division known as M BMW, AMG of Mercedes and quattro GmbH Audi. To achieve this, the firm already plans releases in height, bearing in mind manufacture with help of high performance hybrid Polestar.

So could find us in the next years models Volvo with the last name Polestar with some benefits of madness learned of systems hybrid of high performance. While own Lex Kerssemakers, CEO of Volvo in North America, has stated that they are still studying what sense give Polestar, defining the strategy to be followed and to use marketing tools.

Volvo Polestar

“We know that it goes on performance cars, but should reflect our position on systems of propulsion, so the electrification will play an important role when we speak of cars polestar”, said the same Lex Kerssemakers. “Electrification excites me because you can provide different levels of benefits and different ways”, he continued telling ImageX.

One of the ideas that the CEO of Volvo in North America has made clear is that the Germans is not your goal, leaving with these words that have their own philosophy and will make cars with its own personality. “At the end we are Volvo and we to ours”, Lex Kerssemakers concluded.

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