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Police in Los Angeles is electrified with 100 new BMW i3S


When we talk about new additions to the fleets of different security forces, we usually refer to the acquisition of Supercars. Or at least, of cars used by drug lords and that finally end up in the hands of agents of the law. But in this case we are talking about a much more modest car, though, that Yes, with the latest technology on board. It is the BMW i3S, the small urban electric of the Bavarian brand, which is incorporated into the fleet of Los Angeles Police.

These vehicles have not been designed to give the best of himself in a Chase, but the Californian Department not purchased them for purposes of use in any of these races in pursuit of criminals that we see in the news and films. Electric cars are very practical to work routine, such as transfers, administrative formalities and other low-risk and demand functions.


Electric vehicles for efforts without risk

In total there have been 100 units which have been incorporated into the fleet and have already begun to provide service to officers who have to move around a city as chaotic as it is Los Angeles. According to the makers of the body, while these small utilities are more expensive than combustion models offer un considerable savings throughout its useful life.

Maintenance of the BMW i3S will be borne by the mechanics of the police The battery charge is not as expensive as the filling of the tank, so you can amortize that overrun in a very short time, without charging the cost to taxpayers. Not only he is the saving in fuel, but also maintenance costs are much lower and will allow the savings multiply. Shall own the LAPD mechanics who perform maintenance, after receiving specific training by the company.

This is important, since the rental of these units has been signed for a period of three years, during which it will assess its functionality and you can choose this type of vehicle for more efforts later.

The load of 100 BMW i3S is guaranteed with 104 charging stations have been installed in different police stations and police garages, so that vehicles are always ready to be used. The autonomy of each of them is 300 km, sufficient for tasks that will have to make.


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