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Porsche and Audi still closer together, will share a new platform

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The restructuring internal that it is living the Volkswagen Group had never before been so important. The scandal of their diesel engines emissions has been on the ropes the finances of the German conglomerate and therefore the industrial plan has taken a 180 degree turn. This change of scenery is the confirmation that Audi and Porsche, the two firms premium (regardless of Bentley) group, they further strengthened their collaboration.

Both marks operate autonomously within the Volkswagen Group. However, to avoid duplication in terms of industrial development and research in technologies, they have decided to lose some of their autonomy to develop a new platform. In addition, the agreement have established not only is platforms, as they will also work to develop new technologies for electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

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As we all know, the German consortium is playing its future and viability to electric vehicles. For this reason, the new base will develop between Porsche and Audi is targeting to give life to vehicles powered by electricity. However, will not be electric vehicles like those put on the market, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Audi (in its lower range), they are electric high-performance vehicles.

For this reason the Volkswagen Group wants to join efforts in engineering of both firms, since part of its clients are common. Obviously, the level of technology of vehicles that can be born in the heat of this new platform is far superior to what hitherto had within the German consortium and why their development will be borne by top engineers that there are both Audi and Porsche.

This agreement is already a fact, but the rumors about this collaboration continue to make more data. According to the gossip, the new platform would be developed could be the “J1” that will give life to the imminent Mission E Porsche by what their development would be very advanced. As Audi in this process would have had very little to do, it could contribute to the base knowledge in terms of autonomous driving , which is acquiring in its partnership with NVidia.

We will soon know more data about what are plotting in the Volkswagen Group, Porsche and Audi. But surely will be something big, because their future profitability depends on the movements who make now.

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