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Porsche is already working with the update of the Macan

Porsche Macan

Despite being relatively early, Porsche doesn’t want to lose or referred to one minute in which to update your Macan . This leads them to be working actively with the renewal of its small SUV, waiting for it to come through 2018. And it is the model landed on the market in 2014, so next year it will be four for sale. A good figure for thinking in a wash of face.

The cycle of life of the current and first generation of the Porsche Macan will have a high in the road the next year. The brand plans to launch an update of the todcamino as it did with its Cayenne. This not wants to tell that will have large changes with regard to the model that today continues to the sale, but if a light washing of face that will serve to keep to the model in the fight in one of them segments more competitive of the market.

Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan 2018 will change in its optical group. The model will present a system of lighting of new invoice with a renovated of design and a better quality. We will also find new bumpers front and rear, although the line follow the same stroke. Inside there will be changes, highlighting the renovation of the multimedia system that will feature a new screen from which you can manage different services of the Macan.

The restyling of the Macan Porsche will not arrive until 2018. Before landing in the market we’ll see exposed in one of the main halls. The model will feature technologies seen in the new Panamera and, possibly, a plug-in hybrid version.

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