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Porsche is dismisses of Audi in the competition with this video

Porsche adios Audi

Recently we got the sad news that Audi abandoned the Championship world strength, better known as WEC. The four rings brand had been a landmark in Le Mans, leaving us unforgettable with Toyota and Porsche duels. Precisely between the German always has been a level of sportsmanship exemplary, many will remember the welcome that gave Audi to Porsche to the competition with a video.

But now it is time to say goodbye and Porsche wanted to give the move his countrymen with another video. In the video above I saw an Audi R18 travelling from Ingolstadt to Stuttgart to welcome Porsche with a message on the ground doing skids and burning wheel. Now they who collect the witness where he was and give a new turn to history.

Makes three years the R18 ahead to a man mounted on a tractor red. Now that same character to the find is of the news of that Audi left the WEC dedice go to Stuttgart for send your own message. Broom in hand, gets to clean the old message that read ‘ Welcome back’ at the headquarters of Porsche. Finally on the floor is the inscription ‘ Come back’, asking that Audi again some day to the competition.

In short, a great show of sportsmanship that makes this type of competition much more healthy. The truth is that Audi does not leave all the competition. Although away from the WEC, they will focus on other disciplines such as the Formula E or the DTM. They will also launching some circuit models such as the Audi R8 LMS or the newly presented Audi RS3 LMS.

Source – Porsche

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