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Possible new Dieselgate of the Group Volkswagen in US and Europe

Audi A8

The Dieselgate of the Group Volkswagen until now has been the greater scandal that has existed in the sector of the automobile in relation to the emissions that emit them Motors of combustion. However, seems that the Consortium German not only has used a software trap for manipulate the approvals of their engines diesel since now leaves to the light another possible case of deception.

According to have been able to know the Council of resources of the air of California (USA) detected during the last summer a new software trap that affects to several models of Audi with box of change automatic. Affected patients would be the Audi A6, Audi A8 and Audi Q5 (of the previous generation) with the automatic transmission to THE 551. In addition, according to the daily Bild am Sonntag this software would have been used in addition to in USA in Europe.

Audi Q5 2.0 TDI 190 CV Clean Diesel

According to several sources the California Air Resources Board detected the use of this defeat device in an Audi engine diesel V6 and automatic transmission. The modus operandi of this software is very simple. If when the model stands at bench rollers to measure their emissions it is started and does not move the steering wheel the system enters mode “liar” and decreases the engine idle rpm to emit little CO2.

If on the contrary the vehicle detects the turning angle of the steering wheel to change, automatically disables this “liar” mode and begins to run your engine on normal mode. In this way car could detect if it was really being driven by a person or another type of checks being undertaken in their mechanical bodies.

This software would have been used, in addition to in the United States, also in Europe to handle emissions from the engines of the group. According to the daily Bild am Sonntag would have been used for diesel as gasoline engines. The only thing that saved, for now to the Volkswagen Group, is that they would no longer use this device defeat in May of this year and so “now” would be not committing any crime.

We will see to see what is all this.

Source – Agencia EFE

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