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Pre-1997 cars may not circulate in Paris


Paris is one of Europe’s cities more restrictive with their vehicles because of the contamination. Last year passed a measure that regulated the circulation of buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles registered before September 2001. Now it is the turn to pre-1997 cars, as from July 1 of this year may not circulate through the Centre of the French capital.

The ban will be inside’ peripheral’ Paris, weekdays from eight in the morning until eight in the evening. It will not only affect these old cars, but that prior to May 2000 motorcycleshave also been included. This measure has been calculated to be affected around 10% of the total number of vehicles registered in the city, to take into account.


To carry out this adjustment, the Group’s transport (GART) authorities of Paris has created six licenses for classifying vehicles. In the style of the labels of the DGT, each car will have a sticker based on what defiles. All vehicles will have to carry this distinctive from October 1, 2016 or otherwise they will be fined, as well as the prior to 1997 that come into the Center.

Initially the fine will be 35 euros, but then the figure will increase. A starting from 2017 the amount will go up to 68 eurofor passenger cars s and 135 euros for trucks. It seems that Paris has the war mounted against the cars of a certain age. Long ago the French authorities said that 2020 they wanted to ban all vehicles prior to 2011. We’ll see how these measures are resolved.

Source – Le Monde

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