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Presents BMW X 1 xDrive25Le plug-in which will only come to China

BMW X1 xDrive25Le para el mercado chino

Many European brands are urging to launch models for the Chinese market, both generalists as Premium. BMW is one of them manufacturers European that greater presence have in the market Chinese, e tries to that not decline with the arrival of them generalists launching products that maybe in the old continent not would end of curdling but that there can get a high profitability. In this way, has just presented in China the BMW X 1 xDrive25Le.

It is a plug-in hybrid version or plug-in – hybrid, as we want it to call, from the BMW X 1 long battle brand marketed in the Asian country. More beyond of the greater distance between axes, to level aesthetic, not found more changes that it compulsory cover for the plug of load of the system electric, that is located in the fin front left, and the logo BMWi.

This peculiar BMW X 1, which only initially will be sold in China, has a plug-in hybrid system. It combines a 1.5 petrol engine and three cylinders , yielding 136 HP and 220 Nm which are sent to the front wheels, while a 95 HP and 165 Nm electric motor positioned on the back sends its power to the rear axle. The system electric offers a autonomy declared of 60 kilometers and can be circular in mode 100% electric to a speed maximum of 120 km / h.

The SUV premium approves a consumption of 1.8 liters of gasoline every 100 kilometers tours. If we take into account that the fuel tank is 35 liters, we can guess an total of between 600 and 650 kilometers autonomy. Moreover, benefits of BMW X 1 xDrive25Le, when both engines operating altogether and at full performance, allow to stop the Chrono in 7.4 seconds in the 0 to 100 km/h.

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