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PSA Group buys Opel from GM, tomorrow we will know the details of the operation

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Since news of the purchase of Opel General Motors was made public the Group PSA has much measured words of its leaders. At all times they have maintained the posture of “negotiation or conversation” however something made us guess that the business was closed. The only drawback that existed to shout it from the rooftops was the last fringes, the gory, competition and technology with General Motors.

We all know that General Motors prefers to kill a brand (case of Saab or Hummer) rather than give up part of its technology to rivals or give them some advantage. The American conglomerate has no scruples against them they have had to fight the PSA, as Opel without part of GM technology is not nothing and in the French group need this technology so that the purchase of the German firm will be profitable.

In addition, the purchase of Opel by PSA would also have to be approved by the Board of Directors of the Group. This body, following the talks which have remained to reach the agreement, seems that it has not brought many disadvantages and therefore it would have given green light to the agreement final. Therefore is complete, the new PSA group will become the second manufacturer of cars in Europe, beating the American Italian Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

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Once come the way of the negotiations both groups (General Motors and PSA) have convened a hearing before the mainstream media the world Monday morning first thing in the morning. In this appointment, expected that the leaders of both multinational confirm the operation and at the same time give more details about the sale of Opel. With it, they want to settle the rumors about what will happen to both companies and most importantly in what situation will be Opel after its arrival to the French consortium.

After the official confirmation to the PSA group still has a deal with Opel and Vauxhall unions. These bodies of Union representation have much power within the German mark and could disrupt the numbers that Carlos Tavares would have to consider the acquisition of Opel. However, it appears that General Motors would be willing to provide the capital calling for unions to PSA to see free to cede certain technology.

The details of what will happen with Opel are uncertain and although tomorrow will leave questions about what is the future that awaits you, still leaves many things to know. We will see to see if General Motors PSA allows certain technologies, sell models of Opel in some markets and should decide to return to Europe with their Chevrolet runs short.

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