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Qoros Auto will debut the new engine of Koenigsegg

Qoros 5 SUV

Qoros is a brand of car china-israeli with a short tour in the sector of the automobile. However it firm wants to convince to them customers of that nothing has that see with what think about the rest of brands of its country. For this are working very hard in the development and design of its cars and engines. Proof of this are the five star that obtained its first model in Europe the Qoros 3.

He problem that is has found in Europe is that not has attained calar in the client, although they not cease in their effort. This effort will come from the hand of new models, designs, technologies and engines. As well, Qoros has announced in the Auto Show of Guangzhou that will be the first brand in the sector in use the engine FreeValve that has developed the manufacturer of cars Swedish Koenigsegg.

Qoros 2 SUV PHEV

At the Auto Show of Guangzhou Qoros has presented the technology “Qamfree”. This is the name you have given to the FreeValve engine technology of Koenigsegg to motorizations carrying it in the signature. These engines do not have camshaft in the style of citations in Motors group MultiAir Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and certain engines intended for competition.

To release this technology Qoros has created a “Qamfree” engine on a tetracilindrico block with 1.6 liters of displacement and 16 valves. This mechanic is charged and changes the butt of life by a group of hidraulico-neumaticos actuators which are those who will be responsible for opening and closing form independent every one of the 16 valves that have mechanics.

Thanks to these actuators the times of opening and closing of the valves will be indpendientes and will be controlled in real time. This mechanics fits like a glove to the demands of drivers since times of combustion are better controlled. With these changes the new mechanical 1.6 Turbo Qamfree Qoros manages to reach the 230 HP and the 320 Nm of torque , reducing consumption by 15 percent with respect to the motor base.

We hope that now the brand achieved credibility you need in the market to meet its objectives.


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