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Questions of the effectiveness of the Autopilot’s Tesla? Attentive

Tesla Autopilot 8.0

Probably the brand automobile of the year to level world is Tesla; not by their sales, but for data everything that has given to talk. It company of Elon Musk is ahead to the future with its leading technology, producing vehicles luxurious, electric and with a high and efficient aid to it driving, that are it prelude to it driving autonomous total.

Much has been said in recent months of a whole of aid and assistance to the driving, all of them include is in the System “Autopilot”. Makes some months met the first case of death to them control of a model of the company, when a unit collided against a truck while the cited Autopilot is was in operation. Tesla was defended by claiming that the Autopilot is a set of aid, not an “autopilot”.

Reason not you lack to Elon Musk, and is that Tesla leaves well clear that the driver should be attentive in all moment to the driving, by much that the system has a name that can give place to misleading. Makes some months met the operation and the advantages of a new update, that improved even more the security of the traffic. There is no better proof for very high security offered by the Autopilot to the next video. I am sure that will get you attention so much as we.

The Tesla Model S circulates behind an Opel Corsa. There is a retention and brake lights begin to make an appearance. The model German not reacts in time, colliding finally with the vehicle that you precedes and making it tip. The Tesla Model S is stopped and does not reach to the vehicles involved. So far everything seems normal, but the oddest thing is that a few moments until Opel Corsa shock, Model S already has warned the driver of the risk of collision with an audible alarm, and moments later started the autonomous braking, 2 or 3 seconds before the impact.

Road safety one of the most important factors is the ahead of time, as well as prudent driving, reflexes and the safety distance. The video us has shown that the level of safety of these products of the company belonging to Elon Musk can be even more high that the of any driver, with a high forecast and effectiveness.

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