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Radars DGT list we already have to control the belts

DGT cinturón

A month ago we informed you that the General direction of traffic (DGT) had launched a campaign to control the use of the safety belt. This campaign focused on control of the use of this very important safety element in developing urban and peri urban. Also, also put the focus in the areas nearby to them schools, since is where greater number of offences is commit related with the clamping of our children.

However, this first campaign will have a second part. Part which may not like many of the drivers who inhabit our country. The DGT has installed a series of radars to control the driver and his companions lead position the seat belt. To do so, by a sympathetic picture you will see it, and if you’re the graceful you sent it which holiday card to alert you that have not put what you and that you have to go through to lose some points and some cash cash.

Cinturon seguridad

What comment above say it jokingly, but I completely agree with this action of the DGT. At this point in our lives not us it falls back seat belt saves lives and if we don’t use it is for being a… Therefore I think that everyone should get it nothing more getting in the car, but there are many who still do not know its usefulness or where it is located.

However, to avoid that someone go clueless and you can pass it (something unforgivable), motorists European Associates (AEA) brings a list of the places where these radars are located. I’d like that you ojearais it and have more or less controlled by the cluelessness to them but I also want to give you (myself included) flip of ears and I want to remind you that we are compelled (by our life and the things that we want more) to wear a belt.

Finally, I want to leave a literal phrase of the AEA: “remember: always use the belt, not by fear of punishment but for your own safety!”. That is what I want that by not make a gesture that hard a second us let it really important in the road, our lives.

Source – associated European motorists (AEA)

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