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Renault-Nissan believes that drivers want to autonomous cars

Alianza Renault-Nissan

The cars now They are becoming true consumer electronics devices. We can see it in every new model arriving to the market, as manufacturers emphasize more modern info entertainment systems that mount to your safety or propulsion systems. The trend that is following the sector of the automobile is natural as them new generations if not come this type of artifacts in the dashboards of them cars not is concern of know more details.

However, once we have already said that the enormous amount of technology and electronics that have new cars they overwhelm drivers. This situation is making the confidence had drivers on some electronic systems is decreasing and therefore it could turn against us. All this is complicate when them cars autonomous arrive to the market as its level technological is much more high and therefore the level of difficulty in its management can be still a handicap for them customers trust in them.

Like everything in this life, autonomous cars will have detractors and defenders. So they are more the latter than the former, Carlos Ghosn, head Of the Renault-Nissan Alliance has come to the fore to talk about their autonomous cars and the benefits that will be for drivers. The place chosen to make these statements was the past CES in Las Vegas since the directing was one of the keynote speakers.

According to Ghosn conducting future should be awaited before the arrival of the autonomous car because with them may be more info systems earrings entertainment and connectivity. In addition, also said that even the most passionate drivers they will be interested in having an autonomous car. These were his words when asked if the autonomous cars would kill sports as the Nissan GT-R:

“People who love driving will be interested in having an autonomous vehicle and I will tell you why. Even for the most passionate driver, driving is very boring if it stands on a congested Freeway. Having an autonomous car may select this mode of driving to avoid getting bored attending other cars”[…] “I think that you must not say that autonomous driving will kill the pleasure of driving. In addition, will reinforce it because you can choose if you want to use it or not. So you decide. “This will make that the pleasure of driving is even more evident”.

To support his thesis has commented that their brands are working so that in a matter of five years they have autonomous vehicles rolling through the streets. Also, in these days has exploited for upload is to one of them cars autonomous of Infiniti (video top), to know how works and try in first person them developments that are leading to out them engineers of the signature.

Be seen the Royal welcome that have these cars when they reach the market, and if really lovers of motor and driving open them the doors of their houses (for now I do not).

Source – Alliance Renault-Nissan

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