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Renault Twingo GT, a sports version for the urbanite’s rear-wheel drive

The French automotive multinational of the diamond logo surprised today showing a “sports” variant of your vehicle smaller if we forget the electric Twizy, the Renault Twingo GT.

While maintaining virtually all forms of the current Renault Twingo, the image of the Twingo GT receives small details that differ from conventional versions outside. We do not know the changes, if any, of the interior; Since Renault has not provided neither photographs nor any information from the cockpit.

Abroad highlights the new color “orange pepper” that we see in images, with a distinctive design 17-inch wheels, dual rear exhaust outlet integrated in the bumper and air intake located in the rear flap left; Yes, only on the left.


Take the base of one of the first of the third generation Renault Twingo concept that saw the light, the Twin’Run. Besides the color that we see in these images, the Twingo GT will be offered also in Lunar grey, deep black and white glacier.

What’s under the hood?

Under the hood forward, as in the other versions of the Renault Twingo there is only some pipes of the cooling system and little else. The engine is in the rear, under the boot.

The French have used for this sport Edition the propeller 0.9 TCe, boosting it to reach the figure of 110 HP power. Meanwhile, the torque generated is 170 Nm. To achieve these figures, basically changed the admission of air and they have adapted the cartography of the control unit. The gearbox has also been re-designed to allow maximum use of the TCe of 110 HP.


Not everything is in the engine and therefore also have endowed the urbanite small a set-up specifically for the chassis, reducing the height of the suspension by varying their set, modifying the operation of the ESP and ruling aspects power steering with variable gear ratio for a more fun behind the wheel.

All these changes along with the rear wheel of the Renault Twingo make the GT version to get, on paper, more agile and dynamic behavior.

His official presentation will take place at the Festival of the speed of Goodwood, between 23 and 26 June.


Source | Renault

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