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Rosberg retires, Ecclestone wants Alonso with Hamilton


Surprisingly, despite the youth of the German pilot, it seems that it has come to an end. Nico Rosberg has collected your well deserved award of champion F1 and has announced that it is withdrawn from F1 to form a family and devote time to his own. It seems as if Nico provides lean in Mercedes by the change of rules or who simply wants to retire when it is at the top to be remembered as well and not fighting for anything other than the World Cup.

Has been a shock to all the family of the Formula 1, since none seemed to know nothing, even has been a surprise for the team. A time announced this withdrawal, already are many the voices and media that are talking about the possible substitute and as not, already there are speculations of all type. The strongest, even supported and validated by the pattern of the F1 is Fernando Alonso to be teammate Lewis Hamilton in 2007.

Rosberg y Ecclestone

Interesting would be to see Hamilton and Alonso just 10 years after that as problematic year back together. Ecclestone seems not have you liked the withdrawal of Rosberg and has allegedly that “simply wants more time to spend your money, that is all“, an of those mythical phrases that Mr. E usually release. In addition to his controversial phrase, the President wanted to make it clear that Verstappen would be more advisable for Mercedes option, since it is young and talented, so they will have pilot for a while.

However Ecclestone not believes that network Bull leave escape to Verstappen, in addition to them changes of regulations are there and network Bull can is runo of them favorite no doubt. But it more remarkable is that Ecclestone not has left in very good place to Vettel “not it believe, not believe that Seb wants to work beside Hamilton“, but ensures that “I would like to see him in Mercedes.” It is possible, we are going to see it. Has manager new, perhaps want something new and perhaps to Fernando you want now something out of McLaren.“.”

Should go Alonso to Mercedes?

Hamilton charlando con Alonso en Bélgica

I know that this brings controversial and that many will think that Yes and others that do not. So I want to that part of my opinion, you also can give it in the form of comments. So do not forget to leave your comment and help me to write this article between all…

The situation is that McLaren-Honda it has been these two years with nothing good performance, is a new project and needs your shoot to be strong. As also had Mercedes years arduous to be what they are. Moreover, one of the main problems of McLaren-Honda engine and next year there will be no tokens, absolute freedom to the Japanese. While one of the main advantages of Mercedes is the engine, something that in 2017 will have less importance by the tokens (allowing bikers who are further back to evolve) and a greater weight of aerodynamics alike… (Eye, and McLaren was one of the main drivers of this change of regulation, while not liked Mercedes…!)

Yasuhisa Arai en el box de McLaren-Honda

I want to say this, that the change of rules is a lottery and could return to shuffle the grill again. Therefore, although Mercedes is favorite, has to be the best car and that it could be Red Bull, Williams or McLaren… If after 2014 movement and these two bad years of Alonso, now the ovetense decides to go to Mercedes and by some chance the coming year are not the best, going to rain criticism and repentance by all sides.

If I was him, I not move McLaren-Honda, looking forward to seeing as everything in 2017. On the other hand can occur otherwise, which McLaren-Honda can be again a disappointment and will be again criticized… In addition it would have to break the contract with McLaren to 2017. And then we have the question of working with Hamilton, two cocks in the same corral tend not to end well… The choice is not nothing simple. You that you would do?

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