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Sales of cars in Spain grow 4.5 per cent during October

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October already has last and in addition to leave us a time more summer that autumn us leaves data curious. with regard to the sales of cars in Spain. Plan PIVE effectively ended on 30 September and both manufacturers and employers and dealers warned that its cessation might notice in the short and medium term. As well, the October numbers already ahead what could happen if the new Government does not work to develop a new incentive plan.

Careful, we are not talking about that figures are negative, nor much less, but private channel is already showing signs of stagnation. If this situation continues keeping is for much more time could see how again the sector of the automobile in Spain could have problems.

SEAT León 2017

During the month of October sales of new cars in Spain (passenger cars and SUVs) has been located in 83,500 units. This means a growth on the same period of the year last of a 4.5 percent. True, it is a positive number, but except for some months has given us a scare being placed below the figures that have been taking place during the first nine months of the year.

If we study the jackpot of the year, the sector has registered 958.659 units in total sales in the first ten months of the year. These numbers represent a 11 percent growth over the same months of the year 2015. In this way we could close the jackpot of the year with sales of 1.10 million passenger cars and all new land.

Focusing on brands most sold in October we have that Renault has managed to enroll 6,700 units, followed by Seat and Peugeot with 6.320 and 6.027 units respectively. As regards the cumulative of the year Opel continues being the brand more sold in Spain with 76,600 units. The second and third brand are Volkswagen 74.450 units and Renault with 72.120 units.

The most important of the market during October model is the Seat Leon with 2.615 units registered. The Nissan Qashqai with 2,100 units and the Seat Ibiza 2010 units closed the podium. If we go to the jackpot of the year, the three models preferred by the Spanish market belong to the Volkswagen Group and are the lion, Ibiza and Golf with 29.660, 27.710 and 23.760 units respectively.

It will have to see the numbers for November and December to find out how it ends the year for the Spanish car industry.

Source – AutoInfor

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