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Sales of new cars in Brazil fall in August a 10.9%

Brasil Fiat Palio

By volume of sales Brazil is the market more important for those brands of cars of Latin America. Being in this market and move to the top of the ranking of sales is very important for brands that are there present since it allows them to reach other markets on the continent. However not everything is pink in this market as to sell their cars brands must make large investments.

The main escollo resides in the high tax that pay them vehicles manufactured in third countries. That is why in recent years the main firms of the engine have opened factories in the country carioca. In addition should also be vehicles that conform to the tastes of these customers and more importantly even the still broken roads in the country.

Brasil Chevrolet Onix

The brands that have greater sales volume in Brazil are Fiat, Volkswagen and Chevrolet. However each month that passes Volkswagen lost positions and their models fetish the Gol, Saveiro, Fox, Up!, Voyage, Jetta, Golf and Amarok fail to sell more units than last year. This makes the share market of the German brand is placed in a discreet 10 per cent, a far cry from the numbers in the House.

The two brands that you are disputing the market are Chevrolet and Fiat. The brand American is situated as it signs more sold in the country, although followed very closely by the House of Turin. On the opposite side of the brand that has grown in the Brazilian market is Japan’s Nissan. In August managed to grow nothing more and nothing less than a 23 per cent over the same month of the previous year.

This panorama warns us of the situation prevailing in the country of Carnival. The huge crisis economic spanning and the instability established in Government policy is causing havoc. The result is more than visible and is reflected in the 10.9 percent which have lowered the sales of new vehicles during the last August with a total of 178.100 units registered.

With respect to the cumulative 2016 sales show no signs of recovery, but rather the opposite. The fall compared to last year 2015 stood at a 22.8 percent with 1.304.000 units registered.

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